Auntie Renee has showcased at festivals across the southeastern United States and with an assortment of options for your next event, audiences will be delighted with wonderful storytelling.

4 Festival Packages (Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold)
Packages include: Storytelling, Games, Arts & Crafts
Storytelling: Face Painting, Storytelling, Puppets, Stickers.
Games: A basketball arcade, A bowling game, Ring Toss, Bean bag/Sack Toss, A candy walk, The limbo, Bingo, Checkers, Prizes included for the games.
Arts & Crafts: All art supplies included, facilitating the Arts & Crafts (Suggested crafts¬†may include Father’s Day cards, mask creation, foam stick puppets and coloring pages)

Contact Auntie Renee for details and to schedule your next event today, 770-402-0564.