Auntie Renee as Mary McLeod Bethune

Join Auntie Renee as she lifts cultures  straight from the history books with her imagination. Audiences rave about Auntie Renee’s Louisiana tales, African history programs and inspirational presentations that feed the spirit while recalling the wonderful world we live in.

Cultural Storytelling Options
Bayou Stories:
 Select from over 20 stories children of all ages will love and remember.
Books by Auntie Renee
(Available fall 2011)
Children’s TV Show
(Available summer 2011)

Black History Stories

  • Juneteenth
  • Historical Characters: Madam CJ Walker – 1st Black Millionaire; Mary McLeod Bethune – Educator; Phyllis Wheatley – Poet; and many others
  • African Puppet Folk Tales

Original Inspiring Empowering Stories

  • Place of my People – a story chronicling my families African capture & enslavement.
  • Life As – a 30 minute presentation of life before & after the Civil War
  • JoKisses Story – From Freedom to Slavery to Sweet Freedom Again

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